I will gladly return to boat noodles at Charoen Nakhorn 1287

I’m always on the spot for a good bowl of boat noodles, either served in small bowls or big bowls. The name of this spot is a challenge, but the Thai name in Latin letters the owner gave me was Torcharm. If using the Thai letters he wrote down, most Thai’s would just translate it to Noodle Shop. If in the area and you’re inn for some deep flavored boat noodles, it’s worth a visit.

Boat noodle version with blood

It’s located just after Soi 17 and next to the walkway crossing Charoen Nakhorn. That means we are on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya river. The Thonbri side is the former capital of Bangkok. Anyway, using the Skytrain (BTS) it’s easy accessible. Take the BTS to Krung Thon Buri staion and you have a short 10 minutes walk from there.

When ordering the bowl there was some mix up in my ordering due to language challenges and I got a noodle soup with pork.

The pork broth before adding blood

He immediately changed it to a bowl of boat noodle when pointing it out, but I had a taste of the soup first and the standard pork soup was good. But comparing the photoes you can see how much darker the soup gets when you add a talbe spoon of blood to the broth. It’s quite a difference. The effect of the blood is a much deeper flavor and it also adds to texture, making the soup ticker.

Anyway, we dont need to make the review a long one. The noodles are good, the meat balls are good, there broth is good and the veggies are fresh. In other words, find your seat and have a nice bowl of boat noodles.

Name: Torcharm/Boat Noodles/Noodle shop

Food: Noodle soups, boat noodles, pork noodels

Open: Daily daytime

Address: 1283 Charoen Nakhorn

How to get there: Take the Skytrain to BTS Krung Thon Buri station and exit #4 and walk from there. It’s a short 10 minutes walk. When getting to Charoen Nakhorn, take the walkway over Charoen Nakhorn and it is slightly to your left when hitting the road.

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