Sanyod in Bang Rak is really tasty and good value Cantonese food

Sanyod in Bang Rak serves all the (Thai-)Cantonese classics plus quite a few more dishes. The rad na, the char-grilled roasted duck and their egg noodles (ba mee) should be on your check-out list. And for such a restaurant the price value ratio is really good. Maybe part of the explanation for their popularity. Personal service and presentation isn’t on the menu, and to be honest, wasn’t expected either.

ba mee and wontons

Sanyod have several branches in Bangkok, but the one in Bang Rak is the original one. The menu is a big one and nobody will have trouble finding a favorite or two here. The food is made in 89 Soi Charat Wiang where they have 20 + seats in an old school environment, but they also make all the food for the bigger restaurant on the other side of the road. The restaurant alternative comes with air-condition, while the street side stall have the charm and warmer food. This time I choose the bigger restaurant.

Roasted duck at Sanyod

The name of the dish rad na dosen’t tell you too much as rad means to pour sauce over something while na means to top or the face of something. In short, rad na is a noodle dish with a light gravy. You can use different kinds of protein, but marinated pork is the standard. It is served with flat rice noodles and Chinese broccoli. At Sanyod the marinated pork is really tasty, but the dish could have been slightly warmer. That said, I don’t really mind to much when it comes to rad na. Anyway, also the other two dishes, the roasted duck and the ba mee haeng (dry) style with pork and wontons almost never comes out of Bangkok kitchens piping hot.

Interior of Sanyod

The marinated pork in the Rad Na is super soft and delicious. This is due to the quality of the meat used here, that is above the usual standard in Bangkok. It is nothing like organic, but pretty good. It has been marinated for a long time, and I assume from the texture of the meat that they have used egg whites mixed in with the tapioca flour in the marinade. Egg whites mixed with tapioca flour is not only tenderizing the meat, it also creates a kind of coating around the meat that secures the meat to be super juicy. If you ever have wondered while the meat in gravy dishes in Chinese restaurant always is super tender, you have the answer. The Chinese broccoli is cooked to perfection, while the sen yai noodles (the broad once) has a decent bite. The wontons is far better than most spots in Bangkok, and the ba mee (egg noodles) is fluffy and pretty good too. Tasty and juicy pork served with wontons is never wrong. The chargrilled roasted duck is tender and really flavorful with tasty skin. It has definitively been marinated for a while.

Exterior at the restaurant Sanyod

No English is spoken, but they have a place mate menu with photos and English names. Can be slightly confusing when you order dishes where you have too choose toppings (like the protein), as they are not separated as different orders, but written in one sentence with just a comma in between. In other words, this is where you can show off some creativity if it gets difficult and it should really not stop you from coming here.

The street style option of Sanyod

The clientele is mostly Chinese-Thai (Sino-Thai) or Thai’s. The service is rather quick, even if the large room in the restaurant is full. I have eaten at the street food location across the street before several times, and to be honest, I prefer that one if I come alone or with a friend. But if more than two, the restaurant is the thing. It is not really a difference to notice with this kind of dining with several dishes that never is super hot anyway.

Sanyod is accessible both from BTS Saphan Taksin station and BTS Surasak station. It is a 400 meters walk from both stations.

Name: Sanyod (San Yod)

Food: Cantonese food

Price: from 65 bath and upwards. Expect to pay about 200 bath per person.

Open: 11 am to 20 pm

Phone: +66 2 236 3905

Address: 89 Jarat Wiang Road, Silom, Bang Rak

How to get there: Easiest is to take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station and do the 4-5 minutes walk from there. There is also a wallet parking close to the restaurant.

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