Volcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters

Vulcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters, serving hoi tod, got their name from the time where the guy was running a small street side cart. A diesel stove the owner used at the time regularly caused flame flare-ups big enough to attract peoples attention. And they came over, more and more people. He got successful due to his high quality and climbed the hierarchy, moved from a regular street side cart to a classic shop house with three walls. He is still successful, and it’s a reason for it.


Hoi Tod at Vulcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters

Volcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters (Thip Hoi Tod Phu-khao Fai) makes some of the better oyster omelets in town, even if the guy has left his pyrotechnic practice to history and moved indoor.

There are a lot of opinions on how to make hoy tod (oyster omelet) when it comes to texture. And most hoy tod hawkers or vendors use their own pre-prepared mixture of starchy batter and egg. The mixture is then slung onto the skillet before adding egg, seafood and the other ingredients at different times of the process.


Vulcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters towards the street

It’s of course important to use fresh oysters, that goes for itself, but it’s also really important to have the right balance of crispiness and gooeyness. And the been sprouts needs only a short stop in the pan to keep it’s crispiness. They should definitively not be soft.

The omelet at Volcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters has the right balance of crispiness and gooeyness and is full of flavor. It’s accompanied by a sweet and sour chili sauce for dipping. They also have with mussels, but I always prefer oysters, that’s the real deal in my view. And yes, for all you pad thai lovers out there; if you haven’t tasted hoi tod, you have something of love story just waiting for you.


Vulcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters seen from the street

This small family joint is beloved by both locals and visitors. And eating there, you’ll soon understand why. The history behind his success is similar to many other of the bet vendors in Bangkok. They start out as a small street carts, but they deliver great food which gives them plenty of loyal customers and the opportunity to save some money.

With the success of the street cart they’re moving up in the hierarchy with the opportunity to take the business indoor. Quite some of todays vendors with 3 walls and a roof started out in the exact same way.

Volcanic Fried Mussels & Oysters is one of those vendors you really shouldn’t just pass by when in the area. It’s delicious.

Name: Volcanic Fried Mussels and Oysters (Thip Hoi Tod Phu-khao Fai)

Food: Oyster omlet and mussels omelet

Open: Monday-Saturday 9:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

Price: Cheap. 50 Bath and up

Address: 3 Soi Charoen Krung 50 (next to Robinson Bang Rak)

How to get there: Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin. Take immediately to the left on to Charoen Krung Road and you will soon see Soi 50 on your left side. Enter Soi 50 and you find it 20 meters down the road on the left side.

Phone: +66 (0)89 775 1958

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