Wandee – a slurping lunch with noodles and meatballs

The small shophouse is packed with people, from young to old. They gather with the sole purpose of shuffling one nearly flour less meatball after the other on to their palate, chew and then swallow. It comes with noodles and a wonderful broth. Delicious. And it’s a pleasant place to eat as well.

The owner speaks English and is more than happy to chat with his customers. Always with a smile and an interesting view on life in general. When sitting at Wandee I really relax. No stress, no rush, no 10 minute lunch and off we go, again, with more tastings ahead. Sometimes I decide to just quit my planned tastings for the rest of the day, eat a double portion and go home. Life is too easy, sometimes. This is one of those days. Another portion please.


The happy owner of Wandee

Like many vendors mostly serving a typical loyal and local community, he sells more meatballs for take away then for eating on the spot. Sometimes hundreds at a time, and it’s a fair question to ask if they are that good. And yes, they are. But I still suggest to enjoy them with noodles on the spot, it’s a perfect match, and he knows how to handle the noodles as well. No talk of sogginess for Wandee. Beef noodles in Thai is by the way kuay tiew neua.

The broth is clear and tasty. Well balanced with the characteristic fresh taste you find in good broth. I normally order Sen Yay (large flat noodles) instead of Sen Lek (thin noodles) at Wandee, but that is really a preference that changes from person to person. If you don’t specify you get the large flat noodles. Only a little seasoning is necessary. A pinch of chili if you prefer it spicy is all you need. But as with all noodle vendors, you decide your own spice level and what to add, being vinegar, peanuts, fish source or the chili.


Regulars waiting for their fix

Wandee is as far away from a tourist spot as it can be. It’s a genuine street side Thai restaurant serving food with the little extra touch we are all looking for. It’s the real deal.

Name: Wandee

Food: Beef noodles (Kuay tiew neua). Sometimes written Guay instead of Kuay.

Open:  Open daily (except Buddhist holydays) 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Address: 1561 Charoen Krung

How to get there: Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin. Cross Charoen Krung under the bridge and take to the right. Follow Charoen Krung until you pas Soi 53. There it is. Click on the symbol in the map below and then on directions to get a better picture.

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