Mango at Mae Varee in soi Thong Lor is a delight not to be missed

It might not be correct to label Mae Varee as an institution in Bangkok, with almost 25 years on their back, but most Bangkokian’s have heard about them. They sell different types of mango at different prices and personally I find it worth paying the extra bath for the best quality, even if it isn’t cheap. If you’re a street eater, your mango dessert will on many occations set you back the double of your plate or bowl for dinner.


Mae Varee seen from the street

The different types of mango (mamuang) has different quality, and is also depending on the season. Ok krong is a sweet and juicy variety, perhaps the most famous and expensive variety. But be aware that it should not be too sweet and of course not mushy. Nam dok mai is a more fragrant mango, and also more firm (less juicy but more silky, and also less sweet). Another common variety is Tong dam which is a less expensive mango, and also a bit more sour. As the mango’s are displayed out front you can choose a mango yourself or you can let the staff pick one for you, which of course normally will be the most expensive type.

All of the mango’s are to be found outside the store. Your first decision is to choose the mange unless you leave that to the the store. If you’re in for a portion of mango with sticky rice and coconut milk, they have prepared take away portions up front, but you can ask them to prepare one of the mango’s you find outside. There is no tables and chairs, so take away is the only option.

Mango and sticky rice (khao niew moon/khao nieo mamuang) is a Thai classic, and i’m one of those people that really loves it when in season. Mango just beats any other fruit I know when it comes to desserts. It’s topped with coconut milk (from Kho Samui I learned) and the sticky rise is served on the side. Mae Varee might not be my absolute favorite in Bangkok when it comes to mango, but that said, it’s a really good spot and they rank inside the 5 best vendors in Bangkok. Their mango’s are moist and sweet, but not wet or slippery as you get it many places (too mature).

The popular and yellow mangoes used with sticky rice is actually having a rather short season. The best fruits are (in general) available from mid March to end of May, in other words when the country’s tropical heat reaches its height. Be aware that in some areas mango’s ripen and reach maturity a bit later, for example up north.

Name: Mae Varee

Food: Mango with sticky rice

Price: 120 bath for the best one. Not exactly cheap and they also sneak in the seed as well to make it look bigger

Open: 24/7, but the mango with sticky rice is only available 5am – 11pm

Phone: 02-392-4304

Address:1 Sukhumvit Soi 55

How to get there: Take the BTS to Thong Lo or use a taxi outside rush hours. Take exit 3 from the BTS, walk down the steps, then take an immediate 180 degree U-turn to the right, continue the few meters to Soi 55 (Thong Lor) where you take to the left, walk a few meters and you see the mango’s outside.


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