Red pork at Niyom Pochana – Street food not to be missed

You soon understand why there is a constant stream of locals gathering at Niyom Pochana to treat themselves with red pork, crispy pork or bbq-pork. It’s truly delicious. It’s one of those places you should make a stop for a quick treat, even if you’re already stuffed. The red pork (moo daeng) stands out and comes with a hard boiled egg, cucumbers, some rice and a rich gravy with a wonderful sweetness added to the dish. It’s all prepared right in front of you.


Plate of pork being prepared at Niyom Pochana

The locals sit down or order for takeaway, so it’s high volume, always a good signal in respect of quality. You’re plate will normally be a mix of different cuts of pork (red pork, crispy pork, bbq pork) unless you tell them otherwise. Niyom Pochana will be on your right, just a few doors up from the Mahannop road sign. It’s a small shop house, but for all practical purposes, what you get is delicious street food. The service is fast and good. 

Name: Niyom Pochana

Food: Red pork (best choice), crispy pork, bbq-pork

Address: 109 Mahannop Road

How to get there: Take of from Dinso Raod and you find it in the beginning of Mahannop Road. Look for the green sign, the Thai flags and the red & blue tables on the sidewalk. Very close to Bangkok City Hall. Taxi is your best option if not in the area. Bus alternatives to Dinsor Road are 10, 12, 19, 42, 89, 96.

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