NangLeung Curry Rice is great pork curry and pork tongue stew

This shop house outside of the Nang Leung Market doesn’t really have a name, but call themselves NangLeung Curry Rice. The name doesn’t really matter, but the home style food cooking does.

Pork Tongue Stew

Quite some westerns are a bit skeptical to eat tongue, but I can assure those hesitating, the tongue at NangLeung Curry Rice is a meaty treat with a very fine texture that is tender as beef. The sauce is aromatic and delicious too, and they avoids the trap of using to much sugar, making it to sweet as often is the case in Bangkok. The pork tongue stew is served with duck egg (if you want), and with slices of cucumber. If not served with duck egg, ask for it as it is an add-on. Duck eggs are more flavorful than chicken eggs. The yolk also have a much more orange color than chicken eggs.

Pork Curry

Their Chinese style yellow curry with pork is tender and aromatic. It is served with Chinese Sausage (kun chiang) of excellent quality, witch is quite important as there is plenty of cheap rubber-like Chinese sausage around town. The curry is served on top of a pile of rice. If you dont like this, you don’t need to test other spots to check if you like yellow curry or not.

The NangLeung Curry Rice shop has been steady going for more than 70 years and is now run by the third generation. Needless to say, they serve authentic home style food. The atmosphere is very relaxing. After eating here, I suggest you go back to the market to find your dessert.

In genereal, there is a bunch of nice spots to visit in the Nang Loeng market, so check out my other recommendations for the Nang Loeng Market.

NangLeung Curry Rice seen from the street

NangLeung Curry Rice is really worth a visit, but be aware that their curry normally runs out long before their formal closing hour, so let me suggest a not later than 12 o’clock lunch. And if their out of pork curry the pork tongue stew is a melt in the mouth goodies.

Name: NangLeung Curry Rice – It should probably be Nang Loeng Curry Rice, but this is Bangkok, and names are written in so many ways.

Food: Pork Curry and Pork Tongue Stew are the favorites. Most days they also hva a noodle soup. The dishes are about 40 bath each.

Open: Mon – Sat 8 am – 2 pm

Price: 40 Bath for the Pork Tongue Stew,

Phone: 02-282-3918

Address: 93/9-10 Supamit Road

How to get there: No BTS or MRT here. Taxi or walking is the two options. Buss number 5 or 171 are alternatives. If you’re down-town and close to Saen Saep canal, an option is to use the canals and take the boat taxi to Panfa Leelard pier (end pier) – takes about 7-8 minutes from Hua Chang pier (Ratchatewi), then 7-8 minutes of walking to the Nang Loeng Market. Just walk through the market until you get to the next road (1 minute) and turn left and walk about 50-60 meters down Supamit road.

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