Lao Ti Fang is good Chinese food in Soi 41 (Phrom Phong)

Lao Ti Fang is a popular spot for good Chinese food in Bangkok. Some dishes have a Thai touch to it. They use fresh ingredients and you have plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from as well. A kind of neighborhood restaurant with plenty of locals coming every day of the week.

The stir-fried morning glory is good and with flavors well integrated. Also it is not to salty and have correct spiciness with the necessary garlicky touch.

The pork was well marinated and tender as it should be. The sauce is good, but a tad to sweet for my preferences. That said, this is is how Thai’s like it. They have a rather sweet tongue in this country. I recommend it as a dish for sharing if three or more people, but not to order it as a main plate due to the sweet touch.

I have eaten at Lao Ti Fang before and find it quite attractive as the quality of the food generally is good to very good. Western people might like the aubergine dishes here, using the classical aubergine as we know it in Europe and not the smaller and green Thai aubergine. Noodle dishes are also good and so are the fish dishes. The food is generally made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Typical Chinese dishes are slightly more oily than standard Thai dishes.

Lao Ti Fang is a busy spot at prime time eating hours, so try to avoid it unless you like to queue. The service is nice and friendly. The restaurant is small, but be aware that they have a second floor as well. They also ask to seat people at an occupied table, for example if only two people is using a table for four, but they will not seat a forth person at a table with three.

Lao Ti Fang has a vibe despite a rather simple decorated room. It’s also ok have a beer outside. It’s a kind of neighborhood restaurant.

They have a photo menu so there should be no problem to order her, but as always with Chinese restaurants, the food looks much better in real. One of the girls working here also speaks English and will rush to your table if needed. Also, for those in need, the bathroom is clearly above average.

You find Lao Ti Fang in an alley just off Soi 41 and connecting Soi 41 with Soi 43.

If  you’re ready to discover more of the street food in Bangkok, please have a look of my Bangkok food map to see if a good vendor is near you. If you are a noodle soup fan like me, please check out my noodles soup archive for Bangkok. You could also check out my article on the Michelin Guide recommendation for Bangkok as the guide has quite a job to do on the street food scene.

Name: Lao Ti Fang (also written Lao Di Fang)

Food: Extensive menu with plenty of dishes to choose from. Focus on Chinese dishes or Chinese Thai dishes

Price: The food is generally higher than on the streets so expect to pay around 100 – 2oo bath for most dishes, but whole fish dishes are more expensive. Drinks are relatively good priced here. Any way, strange price structure as stir-fired morning glory is priced 118 bath. The fried Pork in Scoop is priced 158 bath. Soda water 20 bath with addition of 15 bath for a lime in it.

Open: Mon – Fri 1130: am – 2: 30 pm and 5 pm – 10:30 pm. Sat – Sun 11 am – 10:30 pm

Phone: +66 85 678 7758


How to get there: Take the BTS to Phrom Phong station and walk from there.

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