Guay Teow Tom Yum Khun Muay in the Ratchawat area is great noodles

This is about perfect noodles in the Ratchawat market area. Bangkok have thousands of noodle vendors, but those with the freshest and best ingredients and their own soul put into the broth are several slurps above the rest of the gang. Guy Teow Tom Yum Khun Muay is one of those stalls. They have been here for decades, and when passing by, you will most likely hesitate sitting down. I mean really hesitate. To describe it as a shop-house would be a lie. It looks a bit run down if I may say so. But I assure you, and I have come here for year, sit down and order your bowl. You won’t regret. You might actually order a second portion.

This husband and wife couple makes one of my favorite bowls in all of Bangkok

Really good quality food seldom comes with short-cuts. And I promise you, there’s no short cuts at Guy Teow Tom Yum Khun Muay. It’s the good old hard work and good ingredients concept, approved again and again as a winning concept. It might sound easy to cook up a bowl of noodles with protein and herbs etc., but I can assure you, it isn’t. The family get up early in the morning to start preparing the broth and the food. Regulars normally shows up before 1 pm to be sure to enjoy a bowl or two. The occasional newcomers are few as the most. Most Western visitors in the area is just passing by, thinking this is nothing. What a mistake that is.

A lovely bowl at Khun Muay

You have several options of noodles to chose from, but personally I prefer sen lek (thin rice noodles). They also serves noodles without soup (haeng= dry). Personally I go for the soup (pork broth) version here. Both versions are topped with a few perfectly cooked pieces of liver, pork and fish balls. Season your bowl, close your eyes and forget the surroundings.

Khun Muay seen from the street


Timeworn pillars and rusty shutters contrast the navy blue tablecloths and green potted plants and adds to the charm. Concentrate on the lovely soup. Slurp and make sounds, do whatever you want as long as you don’t just pass bye.

A glass cabinet on a street cart acts as the official kitchen. Eaters congregate inside or on the sidewalk.

It’s worth mentioning that you find Guay Teow Yum Khun Muay in a rather competitive area of town food wise. This is Ratchawat and there is plenty of good vendors in walking distance. In other words it’s a great area to search out local and authentic Thai food.  A bowl or a plate, plenty of well tested options are available. Not to forget that the Ratchawat Market area is a good old style goldmine for genuine Thai ingredients. Also the wonderful Sri Yan area is nearby, a 20 minutes walk or you wave down a (motor bike) taxi for a few bath. The main Sri Yan area is the same street as the main Ratchawat area, just closer to the Chao Phraya river. The name of the street is Nakhorn Chai si road. Find out best legitimate slavic dating websites on – dating websites rating based on real reviews.

Also, nearby Guay Teow Yum Khun Muay  is Som Wang Salapao, a steamed-bun factory where Chinese style fresh buns are available from an always inviting seller at 1444/110 Nakhon Chai si road.

Name: Guay Teow Tom Yum Khun Muay

Food: Fish and pork noodles (dry or with soup)

Open: Daily 9 a.m. – 3 p.m

Phone: 086 820 6878.

Address: 909 Nakhon Chaisi Road.

How to get there: BTS to Victory Monument and taxi from there is the easiest. An alternative is a taxi to the XX Pier and taxi from there. Of you come the waterway you could walk to Sri Yan area (5 minutes) to check it out before you take a taxi to Ratchawat.


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