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Jakkee, close to Victory Monument has long traditions, has Chinese roots and is filled with regulars and few others. Some of them living hours away, running their own restaurant and eat here at least once when going to Bangkok for the monthly shopping. There is of course a reason to it, Jakkee serves very good food.


Hand made noodles

The shop house in Ratchawithi Soi 7 is not were it all started. It actually started out in Chinatown, and it did so three generations ago. Home was the famous Yaowarat road, until 1972, when they moved to the present location between Victory Monument and Rang nam road. The clientel is mainly around 40 years and up, and their close familiy, but surprisingly few western tourist or expats. Surprisingly as their food is both delishes and the kind of food where you decide your own spiciness, taking away the fear factor with many tourists. It’s also close to a tourist hot spot, the Victory Monument, a transport hub where most minivan trips start from.


Noodles with crab and wonton

Most visitors seems to be familiar with the menu. The food is Chinese in origin (Guang Zhou), but with an added Thai touch. Popular choices are stir-fried rice noodles with beef and gravy (rad na nua) and egg noodles with crab meat. Other protein options are available for many of the dishes and they also have a selection of other Chinese style dishes as stir-fried meat over rice, deep-fried wontons and fried rice with olives.

I’m a big fan of rad na, when well made, and also most dishes that has to do with crab meat, so no problem to decide on what to eat.


Rad na with beef at Jakkee

The egg noodles with crab meat was delicious. The broth needs a few drops ov fish sauce, vinegear and some tiny flakes of chili and bang, you’re there. Personally, I seldom use the sugar condiment on the table as most Thai’s have a rather sweet tounge.

The rad na versions comes with beef, pork or seafood as the protein alternatives. I ordered the one with beef (nua), but tasted the other alternatives as an out of town Thai familiy joined me at my table and insisted that I also tested their food, which I happily did.

Jakkee is definetively one of the best rad na vendors in town. And I was quite impressed with the fact that the fried noodles (mee krob) stayed crispy to the end of the meal, even with all the gravy on top. Rad na means by the way “over the face” because of the thick gravy covering the noodles. The beef was really tender, which isn’t always the case for this dish, and aromatic. The kale was fresh, crispy and delicious (not bitter). The last factor of the dish, the gravy, was absolutely spot on and not to sweet as it can be many places. The alternatives with pork and seafood was also excellent with top quality ingredients. There is a menu to ask for and the rad na versions are plentyfull.


Interior of Jakkee

They also have appetizer such as hae kuen (shrimp rolls) wich will be tested on my next visit. A couple at the neighbouring table said they were perfect with a crunchy dough and juicy and tender grounded shrimps inside. Obviously homemade was added. They also had giew goong nam with fleshy shrimp dumplings in a broth they described as heavenly. They made it clear that it was without MSG which normally is the case for this dish. Most people seems to order a soup before digging in on the rad na.


Exterior at Jakkee in Ratchawithi Soi 7

As mentioned there are plenty of rad na speicialised vendors in Bangkok, both as street food stalls and as shop house restaurants. What separates Jakkee from the crowd is top quality ingredients and the attention to details. There is no trade of on the qaulity of the beef or vegetables to be able to sell at lower prices.

Jakkee has served delicious Chinese food with a disting Thai add on for more than 50 years. It’s difficult to beat rad na (noodles in gravy) served at Jakke. At least, so far I’m not aware of any.

The portions are maybe on the small side and the prices double of the average stall or usual shophouse restaurant. But that said, the quality is also much higher. Jakkee also has a pleasantly quiet atmosphere, being close to one of the transport hubs in Bangkok and just a minute away from Ratchawithi road. One of the girls speak english and they call for language support if needed. Jakkee is a friendly and clean place with 3 tables outside and 10 -12 inside.

Name: Jakkee Restaurant (ภัตตาคารจ๊ากกี่) – also written Chakki and Jark-kee.

Food: Rad na nua (crispy noodles with beef in gravy), noodles with crab, stirred fried rice. Basically Chinese comfort food with a delicious Thai touch.

Open: Daily 11am – 3pm (closed first Monday of every month)

Price: Rad na was 100 Bath.

Phone: 02-245-0849

Address: 1/35-36 Ratchawithi Soi 7 (Soi Wattana Yothin in Soi Rangnam)

How to get there: Take BTS to Victory Monument. Walk back until you see Thanon Rangnam (sometimes written Rang Nam) on the blue street sign and walk until you get to Ratchawithi Soi 7 (Soi Wattana Yothin), second Soi to the left. Walk like 2/3 of the Soi 7 and you find it on the right side (orange colour). If walking north from the BTS Victory Monument, follow the skywalk to the right and take the stairs down to the main road at the intersection of Phaya Thai Road and Ratchawithi Road (don’t cross over to the other side of Ratchawithi road). Then continue to you see Soi 7, second soi to your right, and walk down about 1/3 of the Soi and you see Jakkee on your left side.


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