The name of the shop is noodles and their tom yam noodles is very good

Most visitors go for the Thai style noodles with a light pork broth Рmostly referred to as tom yam. And that is also my most common order when eating here, even if the Yen Ta Fo also is very decent. Sometimes, when craving  for something sweet, I also go for a scoop of their coconut ice cream.

You can’t really go wrong by visiting Noodles at 1313 Charoen Nakhon. The quality of the food is good and the tom yam is a very good bowl. They have a photo menu so it is really easy to order. They will ask you for your choice of noodles. Alternatives are Sen Yai (broad rice noodles), Sen Lek (thin rice noodles) and Sen Mee (the really thin hair like noodles). Personally I always prefer Sen Lek with my bowls for this kind of noodles. The very thin once are just annoying and feels like hair in my view. The fish balls are by the way very good as well.

They also have haeng style bowls of noodles, meaning without broth, but I would certainly go for the broth version here as the broth itself is delicious.

The ice cream is slightly to sweet for my liking, so I pass on it most of the times. If you have a sweet tongue on the other hand, it might just be perfect for you. It is very popular with Thai’s.

There is a parking spot behind the two story building. The cost is 20 bath, but bring the recipe to the store as they will cover it if you shop for more than 100 bath. Drive in to parking from Soi 19.

When I asked them for the name they just responded noodles, but a friend of mine said the name actually is JeJu Noodles.

Name: JeJu (or CeCu) Noodles

Food: Noodles. Most people go for the Thai style noodles with pork broth. They also serve coconut ice cream with a variation of toppings.

Open: Daily 10 am – 9 pm

Price: 55 bath for the tom yam

Phone: +66 2 860 3183

Address: 1313 Charoen Nakhon Rd

How to get there: Take BTS to Krung Thon Buri Station and walk from there. It takes 9-10 minutes. Take to the right when getting to Charoen Nakhon road and cross to the other side of the road using the bridge just after Charoen Nakhon Soi 18. Walk for another 60 meters and you’re there.

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