Good Duck Noodles at Sala Daeng Soi 2

Duck isn’t an easy find in the area around Convent Road. So if you’re a duck lover you know where to head. The broth is murky and savory, but has a light flavorful taste. It comes with some vegetables, but the noodles and the duck is stealing most of the attention.


Noodles with duck

It comes with different cuts of duck, from the lean to the more fatty chunks. Personally I order sen lek noodles when here. The english is limited so if you’re in doubt on what to choose, they ask you over to point among the different noodles. It’s basically a matter of preference. 

The normal condiments are on the table for you to spice it up, like dry chili flakes, sugar and vinegar.

They also have decent Khao Man Gai (cooked chicken on rice). The big brownish container on the table is for the chicken on rice and definitively not for the noodles with duck. It’s ginger and chili mixed with lime. Very taste, very good, and not spicy as you might think.


The view from Sala Daeng Soi 2. It’s the stall to the left in the picture.

You find the stall just a few meters into Sala Daeng Soi 2 (Soi Sala Daeng. It’s the stall to the left on the picture.

There is also a cheap dessert stall close bye where you can get delicious sangkhaya khao niaw (sticky rice with egg and coconut custard) for 10 Bath.

Name: Guay Tiew Ped Sala Daeng

Food: Guay tiew ped (noodle soup with duck) and khao man gai (chicken on boiled rice)

Price: 30 Bath for the small portion, witch is enough. 40 Bath for the bigger portion.

Open: Mon-Fri 10 am – 1:30 pm

Phone: 081-491-5626

Address: Sala Daeng Soi 2, sometimes locals just speak about it as Soi Sala Daeng.

How to get there: Coming from Sala Daeng Road, it’s the first to the right. There are two stalls on each side of a small alley/parking spot 10 meters into Soi 2. It’s the send one on your right side or the one to the left looking into the alley/parking spot. Coming from Convent Road, you walk into Sala Daeng Soi 2 and you find the alley/parking spot all the way down to the left. Just 10 meters before you enter Sala Daeng Road. source: casino no deposit bonus code If you find yourself in the Silom Complex you just take the back entrance and swing to the left and continue with the description coming from Convent Road.

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