Banaree – crispy pork just as it should be

Banaree is a good address if you’re inn for some crispy pork, crispy without putting your teeth in danger. You find them in Ari Soi 1, close to BTS Ari, a quite area of town, just two stops north of Victory Monument.


The interior of Banaree, looking out on Ari Soi 1 and the passage that leads to the lovely backyard/garden to the right

The food scene starts as soon as you have stepped down from the BTS, but Ari Soi 1 another minute away is your address for today.

Banaree is a small shophouse with two walls and a fan in the roof for sharing. Nothing complicated. But they smile and take good care of you. Also the restaurant is really clean and has some nice wooden furnitures. Plenty of locals, nice atmosphere and most importantly, a delicious portion of crispy pork that alone is worth the two extra stops from Victory Monument. The pork is really juicy and crispy, without the danger of sending you to the dentist.


The garden/backyard next to Banaree

The sauce is flavorful and not to sweet. It just have the right balance. The additives like soy sauce with chili and vinegar is on the table. Personally I use a little bit of soy sauce with chili on the side to get a variation, but it’s really not necessary. You can just eat it as you get it. Perfectly balanced.


The menu at Banaree

They also have other dishes, like garlic pork or roasted pork, but the crispy pork is my priority when here.

On a hot summer day, the bonus is a nice backyard to sit down with plenty of trees and shadow just before Banaree where you can order your coffee or tea with some dessert or other goodies from a collection of vendors.

The shophouse doesn’t have a street number on the wall, but it’s the one before 5/1 on the left side. In other words on the corner of where you head for the small garden or backyard.

Name: Banaree

Food: Crispy pork, roasted pork, garlic pork

Price: 50 Bath


Address: Ari Soi 1 number 5, Phahon Yothin 7

How to get there: Take the BTS to Ari. Take exit 3 from the BTS, walk north for a few meters, turn left to Phahol Yothin 7 and then left again and you find yourself in Ari Soi 1. You find Banaree in the open room next to 5/1 on your left side.

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