A cool vibe and good beer at Good Story

Some places just have a cool vibe to it. Good Story close to Phra Sumen Fort is one of them. It’s a chameleon, with a changing attitude depending on when you show up. The typical daytime visitor come for a lunch time bite, jut a coffee and a chat, or a refreshing bottle from their decent selections of imported beers. And when the dark sets inn Good Story transforms into a cosy bar with a nice and lively atmosphere. Music is served, including live bands.


Interior Good Story

My first priority when going here is not the food. Don’t get me wrong, it’s decent and tasty and sometimes I have a bite or two of the Thai menu when feeling lazy. But what I really like with Good Story is the evenings, the vibe, the atmosphere, the friendliness, and that’s also the most popular hours. A few beers, some talking and sometimes good live music. But that said, when it works, it’s a good place to be. Chic and chilling. No pretensions of being something else then what it is. A good hang out bar with locals and visitors staying in the area. The two main rooms at ground floor is nicely decorated, including some comfortable plush sofas if you’re only in for something to drink.


Interior II Good Story

Good Story is one of several bars lined up along Phra Athit Road, so you have plenty of options to choose from if you don’t hit it on the right day. The setting is a bit of Thai cross over to International, due to being close to some of Bangkok’s more popular tourist destination, the Khao San Road and Rambuttri Village.

As mentioned the food are more than decent and nothing to shy away from. You have a good meal here. But as I’m using Good Story more as a bar, I’m more focused on the beers, especially some Belgian alternatives like Duvel and Karmeliet. The only sad thing is the prices of those imported beers, but that’s due to taxes and not greed.

The facade is European and easy to notice. If you’ve spent to many evening at a hectic Kha San Road, Good Story will give you a nice break and a cool vibe. It’s trendy and it’s Thai, but with a European touch to it. And for the service, it’s definitively the Thai way, meaning it can take some time. But as long as you’re in Thailand, it’s better to get used to it instead of being annoyed. Anyway, it’s not the place you just rush into for a bite or a drink before leaving. I will come back for my Karmeliet and the good atmosphere. I like it her, but the wifi could be improved. And they have good A/C.

As mention, I sometimes eat at Good Story, but if food is your main focus there’s plenty of good bowls and plates to choose from close by. Go to Banglamphu by Area and you see some alternatives, for example tag fabulous Nai Soi with it’s delicious beef noodles close by.

Name: Good Story

Food and drinks: Thai food and a selection of Thai and imported beer.

Prices: Food is decently prices. Imported beers with high alcohol are much more expensive than thai beers due to taxes.

Open: 11am – 1am

Address: 72 Phra Athit road (opposite Riva Surya Hotel)

How to get there: Good Story is situated on the northeast end of Phra Athit Road, right across the street from Santichaiprakan Park and Phra Sumen Fort. From the Phra Arthit express boat pier, head straight out of the pier, cross Phra Athit Road, take a left, and the restaurant is a short way down on the right. From Khao San, walk all the way northwest on Soi Rambutri until you hit Phra Athit Road, then take a right, and the restaurant will be a short walk away on the right.

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