Outstanding seafood and Bangkok’s best kung op wun sen at the hidden gem Aey Seafood


Aey Seafood is hidden gem for everybody except the true locals, starting to line up before the doors open at 5 p.m. Their Kung/Goong Op Wun Sen is the best I’ve had in Bangkok. And their huge river prawns are just divine. You may be able to compare these amazing delicacies to the seafood san francisco restaurant Fog Harbor if you’ve ever been. If not, then don’t stop your seafood adventure in one place, keep going!

Kung op wun sen at Awy Seafood

Somsak Pu Op (Somsak Clay Crab) with it’s three branches on the Thon Buri side of the Chao Phraya river has over the years rightfully deserved plenty of attention for both their crab and prawns clay-pot with glass noodles made from mung beans that is wun sen in Thai.

Aey Seafood serves an even better prawn version (kung op wun sen), due to the freshness of their tiger prawns and the method used. First of all, they keep them alive until you order it, and they don’t pre-bake their prawns before trowing in the glass noodles. Not to mention that the three tiger prawns at Aey Seafood are bigger and juicier. The glass noodles sucks up the sweet flavors from the prawns nicely.

The dish, either with tiger prawns or crab, is basically made by making a bed of pork fat, garlic and black pepper corns where they put the tiger prawns or crab. This is then baked in a clay-pot (authentic) or metal pan (modern) together with the mung bean noodles, a dash of water (to create the damp) before they top it with fresh green onions. And they use seasoning sauces like dark soy sauce and oyster sauce. Clearly the best Kung Op Wun Sen I’ve had and I doubt I will find any better. The price is 260 bath.

River Prawns at Aey Seafood

The river prawns are super fresh, juicy and with a delicate and divine taste. Be aware that there is no spices added in the preparation so be sure to spread that gooey fat all over the white flesh as this is where most of the taste is concentrated. It comes with a real pungent green chili dipping sauce. I really like the accompanying chili dipping sauce and I am using it, but I am using it with care in order to not eradicate the lovely taste from the juicy meat itself. If ordering the river prawns, this is the first dish you should it in order not to checkmate your taste buds with yellow curry, chilies or any other strong flavor. The cost is 690 bath for 1/2 kilo.

Yellow curry crab at Aey Seafood

The yellow curry crab is very good too, and comes with really juicy and fresh crab meat. As always there is plenty of onions and they balance the curry powder in a decent way. A huge advantage is that you don’t by it by weight as most places, but as a fixed dish. It comes with enough crab meat and to a fraction of the price at those places that sell by the weight. A good dish for sharing, but as always with this yellow curry based dish, a bit one dimensional to serve as a sole dish for one. The price at Aey Seafood is 24o bath.

Morning glory at Aey Seafood

The stir fried morning glory (Phat Phak Bung Fai Daeng) is very good and correctly made. A dish with clear Chinese influence, but as always in Thailand they put their twist on it. Here by using plenty of chilies and not as high heat as commonly in China. And in Thailand, they do eat the chilies. The price is 80 bath.

Fried rice crab at Aey Seafood

I also ordered a small portion (60 bath) of their crab fried rice. It is good and well made, but nothing that stands out. The amount of crab flesh is of course limited.

Aey Seafood is a charming and also an efficient driven restaurant. You have to queue, but it is well worth. The ingredients are fresh and of good quality, and the people cooking it really knows how to get the flavors out. There is a great variety of seafood to choose from, including different kinds of fish

Little English is spoken at Aey Seafood, but they have a place mate menu that you are given when cuing. You order the food while cuing and get a table inside a few minutes before it is served.

The area around MRT Sam Yan station and MRT Hua Lamphong station have a number of really good street food vendors.

Name: Aey Seafood

Food: Seafood

Price: Medim priced

Open: Daily 5 pm – 23:30 pm. The cue is shorter after 8 pm.

Phone: +66 (0) 81 619 1924

Address: 1664 Banthat Thong Road

How to get there: Take the MRT to Hua Lamphong, alternatively Sam Yan, and walk from there. It takes you about 10-12 minutes.

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  1. I just went here in December and agree with the review. It’s outstanding. Had to go back twice it was so good!

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