Sutathip Restaurant is a very good 90 year old school institution


Sutathip Restaurant is just off the mainstream walking routs, but is easy accessible by the canal Taxi. This 90 year old institution deserves your visit. They serve traditional Hainanese food, but you find both Thai and European inspiration as well. Their noodle dishes are really good, so is their chicken rice and ox tongue.

Noodle soup with pork at Sutathip restaurant

This time I went for the noodle soup with pork and their noodle pork stew. The last one not so common as a pork stew normally comes with rice. The noodle soup with pork comes with an anchovy based sauce as a condiment on the table. It is slightly spicy, but even the faintest of us can use it without fear of getting hampered. I used a full spoon and it really is a great taste enhancer. You can find a very delicate anchovy flavor far back there if you search for it, but it is not fishy or anything like that. Slightly tangy and salty. A great condiment. The pork is juicy and tasty. The noodle pork stew is also a great old school choice, full of flavors.

Noodle pork stew at Sutathip restaurant

Their Hainanese noodles (Khanom Chin/Jeen Hailam) is particularly popular at Sutathip Restaurant. They are really good and prepared to the highest standard. You wont find many restos if any making better Khanom Chin (Jeen) Hailam noodles then they do at Sutathip Restaurant.

Sutathip restaurant seen from the street

Both of the dishes are outstanding.

Sutathip is also known for dishes like the Khao Man Gai (chicken rice), noodles soup with chicken or with beef, roasted pork or beef with gravy, not to forget their ox tongue.

Sutathip restaurant have the Shell Shuan Shim award, a respected Thai award known for their green bowl symbol that you always should look out for, even if it is and old award that has been halted for quite some years. But in 2019, they have actually re-erngised the award, and I really look forward to follow their performance and hope they become a voice distinctively different from the Michelin Guide and stay with their roots awarding the eateries serving real quality food. In other words, continue as they did before. In the former days, most awards was given to local family run businesses and even today only a few of them doesn’t live up the quality at the time when the award was given.

Sutathip Restaurant is on the way to one of the supreme eating areas in Bangkok, namely Nang Loeng Market where you find plenty of other stops to make, so come hungry. You find my articles from the Nang Loeng Market area here.

Look at my Bangkok Food Map for a bigger overview of good food in Bangkok.

Name: Sutathip restaurant

Food: Hainanese (Chinese) food and Sino Thai (Chinese Thai)

Prices: Rather cheap. 65 for each of my dishes.

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 8 am – 3 pm. Closed Monday.

Phone: +66 2 282 4313

Address:  338-342 Chakkraphatdi Phong Road.

GPS: 13.754916 100.509331

How to get there: From down town Bangkok take the BTS to Ratchatewi station and walk 150 meters back over the small bridge and take the stairs down on the right side when reaching the other side of the river. Take the canal taxi from here to Phanfa Bridge Pier. From there, you have 8 minute walk upwards along Soi Damrong Rak, the first road to your right when you have left the Pier area, until you get to the corner of Chakkraphatdi Phong Road where you find Sutathip Restuarant. The following buses also stops nearby: 47, 15, 49, 8 and 169

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