Pad Thai – A street food cook with a character out of the ordinary

The cook in the corner of an alley in Sukhumvit Soi 38 is a bit of a legend as he won a pad thai contest arranged by Thai TV 3 some years ago. Dressed in his caracteristic beanie (winter hat), thoroughly pulled down to cover the eyebrows, and his solid high quality wellies that you see far more often at fish markets around the world then with a renown cook, he shuffle out one dish after the other from his two woks.


In the making of the famous Pad Thai

The cook behind the street stall Pad Thai Fire Look is famous for his Pad Thai, but to be honest, I’m a bigger fan of his excellent and very tasty morning glory (pad phak boong) which is water spinach with plenty of garlic and chilies mixed with oyster sauce as the main ingredients. It is just as perfect as a side dish as it is for lunch or even breakfast.


Morning glory

Still, the Pad Thai is among the better once I have tasted in Bangkok, especially with chicken, while his scampis are sometimes not crispy enough, as they should be when searching for perfection. It is also a bit pricy compared to many other street stalls as he charges 70 Bath a plate. But dont get me wrong, it is a very well made Pad Thai. And the guy is really having his heart in the food making. Just don’t expect to see him smiling. After numerous visits I still have to see him hand out a smile, and he doesn’t discriminate the customers to his relatives.


The cook and his wife doing some tasting in the background

Its a family runned street stall with his wife mostly preparing the ingredients for his cooking with the help of their daughter, while the son take the orders and serves the food. They also have some other dishes on the menu, like the before mentioned morning glory and a descent Tom Yam Kung (the famous Thai shrimp soup).

It is definetively one of the stalls to visit when in Soi 38. For more tips on what to eat in Sukhumvit Soi 38 click here.

Name: Pad Thai Fire Look

Food: Pad Thai, Morning Glory, Tom Yam Kung and a few other dishes

Open: From around 19 p.m to 00.30 a.m. Be aware that the family don’t pay much attention to time, so sometimes they doesn’t open before 21 p.m., so go late. Be aware that this stall, like many others, usually is closed on holidays and the days surrounding it.

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 38. You find it opposite of the more posh and expensive Soi 55 (Soi Thong Lor).

How to find it: Take the BTS to Thong Lor. Descend from exit 4 and turn 180 degrees to the right when you reached the street and then walk for like 30 meters and you see Soi 38 to your left. When getting to the soi you will see a small alley on the opposite side of the soi. You find the famous Pad Thai cook at the inner left corner of the alley. The alley is not marked on the map below, but the symbol is placed were this very small alley is.

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