Eiah-Sae – an atmospheric tribute to the Yaowaratians


Eiah-Sae is a legendary family-run coffee spot in Bangkok’s Chinatown, having served it’s usual suspects since 1927. In short, Eiah-Sae is a symbol of the former Yaowaratians, a local gathering spot for the elderly Thai-Chinese people, and also a tribute to the local community. And they open 4 am.

Locally it is famous for it’s coffee beans, but certainly doesn’t follow the latest fashion in coffee making and is still open due to the owners respect to the community that always have come here.

There is no cappuccino here, no macchiato and no espresso. No modernity. Just the old style cafe Boran. Which is great. It can be translated to ancient coffee. The coffee (Robusta) is dark, it’s strong and it’s served with sweet condensed milk. It has some similarities to Vietnamese coffee, but the coffee is put in a sock filter with boiling water instead of being dripped. 

Eiah-Sae also serves lemon iced tea, Thai black tea or Thai milk tea. In addition they have some traditional sweet drinks like nor kaon (a mix of tea and coffee) or the almond flavored heng yim. If you want something more bittersweet you should go for the Chaozhou coffee, a Chinese brew. Your biting options are limited to egg custards on freshly baked toast according to a family recipe, soft boiled eggs (kai luek) or just standard toast with butter, jam or chocolate.

Eiah-Sae is loaded with character and has a kind of retro atmosphere and is really worth a visit if you’re into Cafe Boran, the sweet or bitter sweet alternative, or you just like to experience local culture. The spot is filled with chain-smoking old regulars and Chinese businessmen prime time, but basically attracts people from all parts of society.

Eiah-Sae has the Shell Shuan Shim award, basically a Thai kind of Michelin guide to food and products given for their excellence.

Name: Eiah-Sae

Drinks: Cafe Boran (25 bath), the sweet drinks nor kao and heng yim, Chaozhou coffee and some asian tea’s. English menu available.

Food: Freshly baked toasts and soft boiled eggs

Open: 4 am – 8 pm

Phone: +66 2-221-0549, 081-5524526

Address: 101-103 Phat Sai Road

How to get there: From Yaowarat Rd, walk into Phadung Dao Rd towards the river, then a left into Phat Sai Rd, pass the China Town Hotel, and you see it your left side.


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