Nothing like an oyster omelet at hangover hour in Bangkok

This little hole in the wall serves up one of the better hoy tod to be found in Chinatown. The lady running this joint, having the prestigious Shell Shuan Shim award, whips up good plates of fried oyster or mussel crepes/omelets with plenty of locals coming to get their fix.


The oyster omelet comes with the choice of ordering the omelet regular or super crispy. The super crispy oyster plates seem to be the winner in popularity. There are only mussels and oysters made into crepe/omelets here, so don’t expect anything else. But I can confirm: They really knows how to make them.

English is really not spoken, although an English menu with pics make it easy to pick and support the growing numbers of foreign foodies showing up. The oysters are served up fresh off a hot griddle and a dipping sauce made of sweet chilies is served alongside each portion.

It’s not all thew way up there with Nai Mong Hoi Tod with their big oysters, but the spot in Phadung Dao is certainly very good.

Been out the evening before? I mean really out and with some consumption in your belly. Hod Toi (oyster omelet) is the perfect  match for any hangover hour there is. A bit fatty, a bit crispy, a solid flavor that brings you back. It´s a Bloody Mary on a plate.


This is how it looks from the street. Basically a passage.

Name: Hoi Tod Phadung Dao
Food: Oyster omelte/crepes (Hoi Tod)
Address: 32 Phadung Dao, Bangkok
Opening hours: Lunch hours
How to find it: 50 meters into Phadung Dao coming from Yaowarat road. Almost opposite of Texas Car Park (A big blue sign with red letters)


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