Inter restaurant in Silom Square is decent food in a fast food setting

Inter Restaurant is a rather popular option in the Silom Square area, also among Thai’s. The food is decent to good, but has more to do with a fast food setting where the main idea is to not put anybody off.

Interior of Inter Restaurant

It’s a reason why global burger chains have few ingredients on their menus and shy away from anything that has to do with distinct tastes, not to put anybody off. And they haveĀ  succeeded in that. A bit of the same goes for Inter Restaurant. It suits everybody perfectly ok, from locals to the full specter of tourism, but to state that Inter Restaurant is great Thai food as some say, is lack of both knowledge and experienced taste buds. It’s like saying Mc Donalds is great burgers.

It’s of course easy to think that the food at Inter restaurant is authentic Thai food as it is quite popular with Thai’s. I’m afraid the local presence has more to do with the air-condition than it has to do with great food. Don’t get me wrong here, the food is perfectly decent, and some dishes also good, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go here again if someone insisted on it. Just don’t expect a great authentic meal.

Pad Kra Pao

I ordered my Pad Kra Pao with squid spicy, but it never came out from the kitchen that way. Not even your possible grandmother from a country up north that saw her first chili in the 1990s would be harmed by the spiciness. Which is sad as stir fried chilies and a running egg yolk is one of the great food combinations in this world. And the egg was absolutely perfect with crispy edges and a running yolk. The dish also lacked saltiness. Despite that, it is a good introduction to Pad Kra Pao for tourists.

Stir-fired Pork with garlic

As I decided to focus on the one-dish meals, I also ordered the stir-fried pork with garlic and pepper.

It was just decent minus, and a bit boring as it lacked the distinct garlicky flavor that you find with the more dedicated vendors of this dish.

I also orderedĀ Pad Thai Kung/Goong as I have read other reviewers saying it was very good at Inter Restaurant. It was decent, but miles away from the great plates you can get in the City of Angels. It came out with three small shrimps that really didn’t tasted very much and it was also slightly to sweet for my liking.

Exterior of Inter Restaurant

Inter Restaurant is a straight forward spot with rather basic but decent food. if you have little time, need some air-condition and is in for something decent filling up your stomach, I would’t hesitate to enter the doors.

Name: Inter Restaurant

Food: Thai food, extensive menu

Open: 11 am -11 pm

Price: More expensive than street food, expect to pay between 60 – 100 bath a dish

Address: 432/1-2 Siam Square 9

How to get there: Take the BTS to Siam, walk down to the level where you can enter the shopping malls. Just walk through the Shopping mall opposite of Siam Paragon, cross the street and you have another 20 meters to walk.

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