Pad Thai Narok Tag or Pad Thai hot as hell – Lat Ya road

Most Pad Thai vendors use strong heat, but avoids the full blast whit flames licking the roof, but there are exceptions out there. One of them is Pad Thai Narok Tag, where Narok can be translated as hot has hell. We are talking heat and not spiciness. It’s worth your visit.

Pad Thai Narok Tag serves one of the more interesting Pad Thai’s I have eaten in a long time. Slightly too sweet for my preferences, but still a very good pad thai with quality big prawns and a charcoal flavor that beats most others in town. The couple behind this stall, along the Lat Ya road on the Thon Buri side and close to the sky train station Wong Wian, succeed a long way with what they are doing. The big prawns are fresh and really tasty and comes out perfectly. The noodles are yummy with a good charcoal flavor. The only negative here is a bit too much sugar thrown into the wok, a common thing in Bangkok and Thailand as they have quite a sweet tongue in this country.

A thing that surprised me is that they have pre-made the egg pack, but it works out really well. The reason behind the pre-made egg pack is of course the cuing of locals forcing them to make bigger portions if they want the income stream to run steadily. They just don’t have the time to make the egg pack individually every time. Despite using to much sugar, Pad Thai Narok Tag is absolutely worth a stop.

Name: Pad Thai Narok Tag

Food: Pad Thai with tofu or with prawns (goong)

Open: Daily around 5 pm – 10 pm

Price: 40-80 bath depending on takeaway or to sit down. Be aware that you can order the pad thai and sit down at the Jim Jum place if you order food also there.

Address: Lat Ya road

How to get there: The easiest way is to take the BTS to the Wong Wian and to walk into Lat Ya road. When getting to Lat Ya road you walk another 200 meters and you see the stall on the right side.

If  you’re ready to discover more of the street food in Bangkok, please have a look of my Bangkok food map to see if a good vendor is near you. If you need more recommendations on Pad Thai, check out my other reviews of Pad Thai vendors in my archive. You could also check out my article on the Michelin Guide recommendations for Bangkok.

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