Nai Kim Thong and his beef noodles is worth your visit

I love beef noodles and Nai Kim Thong’s Beef Noodles in the Phraeng Phuthon road in the Sao Ching Cha is a good choice in that respect. A long standing shophouse with a reputation to protect.

A bowl of beef noodles at Nai Kim Thong

I have to say it was a lovely bowl, but I did a small mistake when ordering. I ordered the dish without specifying that I wanted Sen Lek noodles. They didn’t ask me what noodles I preferred, probably as they saw I was busy with my smart phone, so they gave me Sen Mee noodles which probably is the standard. We all have our preferences, and I seldom find the tiny angel hair-like noodles a priority when ordering noodles. Anyway, the problem wasn’t the noodles, they were cooked well and still with a slight chewy texture. The problem was me, not focusing on the food I ordered.

Interior of Nai Kim Thong

Others have other priorities, or hang ups – might actually be a better expression in the context – and I certainly know people that would go with the Sen Mee noodles as a priority with beef. The pieces of braised beef were tender and tasty, and the stock was very tasty as well. And the home made balls? Well, no issues with the meat balls either, good bouncing consistency and very good flavors. In other words, it’s absolutely worth sitting down at Nai Kim Thong to have a very good bowl of beef noodles.

The braised beef at Nai Kim Thong

The shop house is rather big and comfortable with old wooden furnitures (showing old school and authenticity). I’m close to say cosy, but don’t want to stretch it into that territory. The service is, contrary to most places, welcoming and attentative.

Over time, they have slightly reduced the amount of beef in there servings, but honestly, I’m really find with that as prices have been quite stable. It’s a hell of a better strategy than serving you the same amount with inferior quality as quite a few shops have started to do over the last few years. Mandy vendors try to keep prices down and reduce the quality of the ingredients to compete. But for me, quality is a prime focus, so I certainly choose less meat over inferior quality. It gives me the opportunity to dig in another bowl or plate somewhere else in the city. The alternative is to not come back. I have always voted for quality and have no intention of changing that. They have the Shell Shuan Shim recommendation, speaking for quality in the city of Bangkok.

The walls are faded and has been that for as long as I can remember. The woodwork are full of scratches and the décor is rather plain. But the locals are here for the tasty noodles and the homemade beef balls, and they return day after day. For those that have a hangup on Thai service, I can report that Nai Kim Thong has fast service. The cooking stall is outside on the footpath.

Name: Nai Kim Thong

Food: Beef noodles

Price: 50 Bath a bowl

Open: Mon-Sat 11am-4pm

Phone: 02-222-0744

Address: 71 Phraeng Phutorn Rd

How to get there: Located in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok a 5 minute walk from City Hall and Dinso road. Taxi is an option if not in the area. Bus alternatives to Dinso Road are 10, 12, 19, 42, 89, 96. Boat taxi to Panfa Leelard and a 10 minutes walk is a very good alternative, especially during rush hours.


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