Heng Choon Seng close to Khlong Toei market serves great beef noodles


Beef noodles can be extremely satisfying and terrible disappointing. As always, it’s about the recipe, good ingredients and a good Chef. Heng Choon Seng is delivering on all aspects. Just one great bowl of beef noodles. Heng Choon Seng is now run by the third generation and have had the Shell Shuan Shim award since 2544 according to the Thai calendar, meaning 2001 in western terms.

Beef noodles with a rich broth

The beef noodles really hits the spot. Also the beef noodles hotpot with different cuts of meat and offal is rich in taste. Beef balls can be a bit of a lottery in Bangkok these days as more and more vendors change to industrial products to keep prices down, but Heng Choon Seng delivers also here with homemade stuff.

The interior of Heng Choon Seng on Rama IV

The beef is slightly red in the center when served, a quality marker in Bangkok. It is also tender and juicy and with a real beefy taste.

I suggest you order it with sen lek (thin rice noodles) noodles. They are really well cooked, the greens are fresh and the fried garlic on top completes the meal.

If going for the hotpot, medium size will be good for two. It has the same delicious and rich beef broth and is served with tender offal’s – almost like a nose to tail variety. They also have a mini charcoal beef steamboat.

Heng Choon Seng seen from the outside. The Shell Shuan Shim is the sign with the green bowl.

The location is good and in walking distance to both the MRT Khlong Toei station and the Khlong Toei market. Heng Choon Seng is situated on the same side as the market. It has a bit of old school to it and a couple of the staffs, including the owner, speaks English.

Google use Heng Chun Seng as the name of this hole in the wall, but I use Heng Choon Seng as is what the restaurant use themselves.

The Khlong Toei market is really worth a visit for a foodie, with absolutely everything visible. In other words not for the faint hearted.

Another spot to visit in the neighborhood is one of the the better pad thai spots in Bangkok, Pad Thai Mae Am.

Name: Heng Choon Seng (Heng Chun Seng used in Google map)

Food: Beef noodles, Hot Pot

Open: Mon-Fri 7 am – 9 pm and Sat-Sun 7 am – 4 pm

Phone: 02-249-2329/+66 95-669-8994

Address: 1224-6 Rama IV Road

How to get there: Take the MRT to Khlong Toei market, then Exit #2 towards the market and walk from there. It’s about 300 meters along Rama IV towards the market (E/ES)

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